Website Design/Build

When Michigan-based Caddy Cannabis tapped me to design and develop a cool website for their brand, I eagerly hopped on-board. As a new cannabrand prepping to launch a robust lineup of products in some very cool looking packaging, building Caddy’s new online home base was an exciting project to take on.


To ensure the success of any project, a well-defined plan is essential. When it comes to building websites, I begin by engaging with the company to gather valuable input. This information serves as the foundation for developing a structured framework that keeps us on track and maintains a timely schedule. Moreover, this approach allows us to establish realistic expectations for various aspects, including the project timeline and deliverables.


All successful websites have a singular purpose that’s crystal clear from the moment the home page loads. This should be defined early. In a few cases (for instance when launching a new brand) it can be useful to define two: a primary purpose, and a secondary one. 

For Caddy, these were defined as:

Primary: Showcase Caddy products in a visually appealing and on-brand platform.

Secondary: Establish an online brand presence for potential buyers and increase brand awareness.

While it’s pretty obvious that an appealing design was important for the website, we also recognized the significance of catering to the tech-savvy nature of targeted cannabis consumers who engage in online shopping. Therefore, we prioritized creating a user-friendly interface that effectively communicates the brand’s message. Our focus was to maintain a consistent and on-brand voice that resonates with Caddy’s image as a trusted option for value-conscious cannabis consumers in Michigan.

Collaboration = Success

Caddy’s stellar marketing team set this project up for success from day one by using an efficient communication style with an attention-to-detail. After a thorough debriefing on the brand, they provided a robust set of assets that gave me a thorough and vivid understanding of Caddy’s identity, voice, and marketing message. 

A complete understanding of the brand’s pillars, general goals and marketing objectives helped me to utilize their insights (as well as a killer folder of assets and style-guide) to develop an effective, engaging content strategy while also leveraging WordPress’s features to ensure the site was SEO efficient and reaching targeted customers in Michigan that would stay on the site longer. 

Results Matter 

On the whole, is a great looking, user-friendly website that is both on-brand and loaded with optimized and targeted content. This new online brand HQ for Caddy not only elevates the brand’s image visually online, but also speaks directly to its consumers and facilitates a seamless and enjoyable user-experience for cannabis users in Michigan.

In a matter of months, analytics are already showing that this attention to user-experience and optimization paid off with a measurable increase in Caddy’s online engagement, in-store sales, and statewide brand awareness.