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Launching Faktor's Premium Cannabis Flower Line

As a designer who specializes in packaging and product development, collaborating with Faktor Cannabis for their new flower launch was. Our project aimed to create visually stunning products that would captivate the target audience and drive sales. In addition, we focused on crafting engaging social media content to build brand loyalty and attract new clients.

Here’s the story behind that journey…

Premium Product Development

During product development, I collaborated with Faktor to understand their quality standards. They grew exceptional indoor strains with curated aroma and cannabinoid profiles for an unforgettable consumer experience.

Packaging Design

I carefully designed the brand’s mylar bag packaging. For the 8th bags, we created a dual-finish design—matte and glossy—to showcase the premium product and stand out on shelves.

For 1-gram pre-rolls, we chose sleek, compact tubes for protection, sophistication, and convenience. Each strain had custom flavor stickers for easy identification and selection, adding individuality to enhance the consumer experience.

Product Results

The result: a line of premium cannabis that exceeds expectations, setting Faktor Cannabis apart in the market.

Engaging Social Media

We crafted captivating social media content to market Faktor Cannabis’ premium-grade cannabis flower. Stunning visuals and compelling captions engaged the target audience, building brand loyalty and communicating the brand’s values and regional allegiance to Michigan.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency was a priority. We integrated Faktor Cannabis’ visual identity, including logo, colors, and typography, into packaging and social media. This cohesive brand presence establishes trust and recognition, setting Faktor Cannabis apart.

Results Matter

Combining premium product development and engaging social media is key. Our collaboration with Faktor Cannabis showcases our ability to create stunning products and captivating content that resonates with the target audience. Join us on this transformative design journey to elevate your cannabis business and leave a lasting impression.