A New Approach to Cannabis

Product Packaging and Social Media Graphics

Developing this mood-based product line for Michigan-based Fuzion Cannabis was a unique and innovative project for a brand that had been around since the first days of rec-use in the state. The brand already had dropped over 100+ individual strain products and wanted create a product line offering something for the less-initiated consumer looking for a particular effect as opposed to a more experienced user who knows the effects of a particular strain. They developed a product-strategy aimed at testing the market’s tastes by departing from the traditional categorization of cannabis strains as hybrid, sativa, or indica, and instead offering a line of products based on “moods” or associated activities.

This is the story of that product line….

Planning & Development

As with all projects, we first start with a plan. Working closely with Fuzion’s operations and marketing teams I quickly immersed myself in the brand’s imagery, voice and tone as well as how those all worked off one another to achieve their overall goals and objectives in terms of product strategy.

At the outset I was given a set of activities or “moods” to develop packaging for. These five moods (Chill, Party, Move, Heal, Sleep) would be used on each of the product offerings in their respective category.


The array of different products required unique packaging for each line. This consisted of 1/8s of flower, half-gram prerolls, 5-pack of .35g prerolls, and 510 vape cartridges each blended to deliver the mood illustrated on the packaging. Working closely with Fuzion’s manufacturing and production teams we designed and sourced packaging that effectively presented each product in a high-quality package that was cost-effective, easy to process, and looked great.  

Social Media Impact

We played a crucial role in the Fuzion Cannabis Mood-Based Product Line project by creating captivating social media graphics. Our visually stunning content, paired with compelling captions, effectively engaged the target audience, built brand loyalty, and communicated the brand’s values and Michigan’s regional allegiance.

By maintaining brand consistency and seamlessly integrating Fuzion Cannabis’ visual identity into the graphics, we established trust, recognition, and differentiation, leaving a lasting impression that elevated the brand’s presence in the competitive market.